The transforming of agri-waste into a NEW amazing 100% home biodegradable plastic!


HemCell’s NEW innovation relates to a specific usage and selection of a wordwilde available Agricultural waste material and transforming it via a low cost & low tech process into a generic (home)biodegradable plastic that can be used by any injection molder or extruder on existing standard equipment and tools!
Mixed for example PLA, it transforms PLA in a (home) compostable plastic for biodegrading or even composted in biomass for biogas production.
The window of oppertunitiy is for all products that now have a return or waste collection process such as glass, crates or plastic materials. HemCell’s new material eliminates the necessity and costs of having a waste return process in place.

Availability of recourses 

Hemcell Agricultural waste:
Worldwide available in larges volumes that do not interfere whatsoever with allocated agricultural land required for human or animal food production. The collection of this bio-material will be a ‘side-product & side-income’ for small farmers or cooperation’s in those regions around the globe.

PLA Virgin or waste, or other
plastics virgin or waste.

HemCell Agricultural Waste: Virgin or waste, PLA and other plastics are available in large volumes. Blending the HemCell® bio-mass that forms the basis of all HEMCELL+® bio-plastics, strongly improves, the material characteristics of these materials creating added value and extended application opportunities to current low value waste flows.

PLA(L)A or HemCell?

contrary to common believe PLA is not ‘home-bio degradable’ but only ‘Industrial bio-degradable via hydrolisis.’ PLA is also very temperature sensitive due the fact that the ‘Glass Transition temperature (Tg)’ is very close to its ‘Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT)’ (50-65 °C). It is therefore not suitable for (fi) cups used for hot liquids. HemCell (in a 50% blend with PLA) increases the HDT to 90-95 °C Celsius. Blended with 50% ecycled PP even to a strong 130  °Celsius bringing it into the HDT range of engineering plastics.


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