Nico Osse, CEO of the BioBasePack Group Holding, licensee of HemCell BV, is pleased and proud to announce a new office to be opened in Singapore as an important addition to the Group.

“Nico Osse states that BioBasePack Singapore will be an important economic hub in the region. Singapore stands out as a sustainable leader in “green” developments. Innovations do have a high priority in Singapore, which is why BioBasePack Singapore fits in particularly well in the current developments of the BioBasePack Group. After all, there are many more innovations coming up soon and all are particularly well applicable in the Southeast Asia region. Some of them even came from this region!

Collaborations, with both national and international partners, are essential for achieving our goals as a Group” according to Nico.

More news about BioBasePack Singapore will follow later on.