‘…Generating income for local farmers, no usage of agricultural land, fully neutralizing CO2 emissions….’

Local farmers

The HemCell® ‘agri-waste materials’ are now harvested as a ‘side product’ on top of the collection of fruits (nuts) and leaves. It is generating in this way extra income for small local farmers and their families. The ‘agri-waste’ materials are collected and pre-sorted especially by elderly family members without any income. Scaling up HemCell®’s activities will result in extending the micro financed farming projects and thus helping small farm holders in development countries.

Food chains

The HemCell® ‘agri-waste material’ is worldwide available in large volumes and does not interfere in any way with the allocation or usage of agricultural land used for food production, both for human or animal.


HemCell® is preparing the launch of a tree planting program to fully offset the CO2 emissions in the entire chain. All emissions, so the collection of the agri-waste material and its transport, the production of the plastic pellets and final products, will be compensated 100%. The achievements in this program will be published regularly on this website and officially in the Annual Accounts of HemCell BV.


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